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 * 20.11.2018 {{:seminars:2018-11-20_turchanin.pdf|Andrey Turchanin: Functional 2D materials by electron beam induced synthesis}}                         
 * 04.12.2018 Jan Hulva: CO Binding Trends and Reactivity on Model Me1/Fe3O4 Single-Atom Catalysts & Jonas Gloss: Structure and Magnetism of Metastable Films of fcc Fe/C(100)

Seminar talks are usually given every Tuesday at 16:00 in Seminar Room DB gelb 05B (previously known as SEM 134A; with Windows), which is located in the Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, Turm B (yellow), 5. OG.

Further physics talks in Vienna

Abstracts/invitations of previous seminar talks

Media of some previous seminar talks

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